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A Monthly Life style magazine

To cater the needs of Tri-City people, like what latest is happening in Tricity, eminent personalities of Tri-City, star performers, upcoming events, eating joints, malls etc, we wanted to provide a complete portal that comprises of each and every arena of Tri-city. Keeping all this in mind; 3MAPL conceptualized the idea of the magazine Tri-City Calling.

Tri-City Calling is an urban lifestyle monthly magazine that shares its readers' passion for updating and transforming themselves. It interprets the latest trends of all the aspects including fashion, cooking, articles, home decors with inspirational interiors and practical consumer shopping guides. It is the most comprehensive lifestyle magazine catering to all the arenas which people love to read.We enrich our readers with intelligent and interesting editorials. It is an integrated source of information.

Since the past one year Tri-City Calling has become a magazine of style, substance and value. Earlier this comprehensive handbook was in the notebook size but recently the A4 size of the same has been launched in the market. In addition, the tri-city website, newsletter is sent to all the esteemed readers and the advertisers of the magazine.

Tri-City Calling is packed with the latest hot news of Tri-City, stunning transformations, exclusive decorating room schemes, health tips, book reviews, movie reviews, eminent personalities of the city and lots more.

If you want to know about the Tri-Cityís hottest trends, Tri-City Calling is the magazine for you.

We also hold fun-filled events that rejuvenate the people of Tri-City and bring us closer to our lovely people. To name with valentine Bash, Treasure Hunt. Tri-City Calling magazine actively participates in events held in and around Tri-City. Close .

Website :- www.tricitycalling.com


An Assemblage of Pharmaceutical Resources

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry today is in the front rank of Indiaís science-based industries with wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacturing and technology. It is a massive industry with large arenas. To acquaint people with this highly fragmented industry, our team made an endeavor to take out an edifying magazine on Pharmaceuticals.

The magazine, Pharma Buzz, is a national monthly pharmaceutical magazine which caters to all aspects of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, including news, technology and business. The magazine is of international standard, dedicated to the growing Indian pharmaceutical industry. It is a comprehensive resource for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who need focused, reliable, and timely information to expand their business.

Pharma Buzz brings high-interest articles and features through original research and writing. A fact-checking process assures the accuracy and significance of all research content. It provides practical information on pharmaceutical manufacturing. The publication covers events, new technology, industry trends, regulatory issues and healthcare trade associations to widen the readersí interest and knowledge. Technical articles on pharmaceutical trends also appear in each issue.

Pharma Buzz gives an in depth coverage of pharmaceutical products, processes and machinery. It covers the latest market trends and emerging technologies. The feature articles published in the magazine explore the topics that are relevant to the industry. Apart from this, the magazine also covers the latest national and international news and information regarding tenders as well as forthcoming pharmaceutical events and exhibitions. Pharma Buzz is an essential information resource and a guide to all the stake holders of the pharmaceutical industry.

With an efficient Editorial and Advisory board, the magazine also enumerates many product profiles with the latest product launch. Along with this, a list of conferences to be held all around the world are also given for the consideration of all those who are a part of this Industry. It also covers the education arena. It provides the complete information of all the elite colleges for Pharmaceutical studies in India, which is very resourceful for those students who wish to opt for pharmacy as a profession.

Besides this, it is the critical source of timely and enterprising news for all readers. The magazine is dedicated to providing in-depth news, new products and researched reports and technical articles etc.

The content also focuses on applied R&D technology, biotechnology and technical management.
Content Highlights:

Special Feature: provides integrated information of a certain topic, mainly clinical research and its aspects.
Current Issue: review of the latest trend in the Pharma Industry.
Drug updates: complete profile of the latest drug launched.
Clinical Trials: covers latest research and developments in vaccine and medicine fields.
Press Releases: brief synopsis of the announcements, performance or other newsworthy item concerned with the Pharma Industry.
Personality of the Month: covers the descriptive profile of various dignitaries of the Pharma Industry.
Company Profiles: enumerates the essentialities of a Pharma Company.

Other Attributes:

DCGI Approvals
FDA Approvals
Pharma Stocks
Important Govt. Notifications
Regulatory Affairs
Export & Import policies and Statistics
Policies & Regulations
Event Highlights: Pre and Post events
Latest Acquisitions and Mergers
Latest product launches
Latest Researches
Conference Announcements
Prices of API's

Our Patrons:

Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharma Professionals
Pharma Institutions

To update our readers with the latest happenings in pharma world, we have weekly e- Newsletter. The e- newsletter comprises of the top news and up coming events along with the brief about the current issue and forthcoming issue of Pharma Buzz.

Website :-www.pharmabuzz.in

A Bi-Monthly focus on Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences

Agriculture is playing a key role in socio economic change and development of human civilization with expansion of new technologies and hybrid crops. Another aspect that continues to play a vital role is the Veterinary Science. It is the science which deals in diagnosing, treating and curing the diseases of various animals and birds. It also includes animal production practices, herd health and monitoring the spread of disease.

While Agriculture encompasses a wide variety of specialties and techniques, including ways to expand the lands suitable for plant raising, by digging water-channels and other forms of irrigation, veterinary science requires the acquisition and application of scientific knowledge in multiple disciplines and uses technical skills directed at disease prevention in both domestic and wild animals.

We have combined both these significant aspects in the form of AGROVET BUZZ, a bi-monthly magazine that provides our worthy readers with the complete updates about the latest trends in agriculture and veterinary field.

AGROVET BUZZ is an India's premier magazine, which provides the updates on topical issues of national and international importance in agriculture. The magazine also comprises issues involving biotechnology, crop protection, horticulture, animal husbandry, food processing, agribusiness, research etc. It is content rich and information driven magazine with its distinctive style of presentation. It provides complete information on the market and industry updates, scientific advances, and latest news on the development in agriculture and veterinary sector.

AGROVET BUZZ is dedicated to the latest technologies to be adopted by the agricultural and dairy farmers for enhancing productivity in terms of food, fuel, milk, meat and wool from trees, crops and domestic animals. It provides information regarding improved management practices, agricultural for diary processing, veterinary and animal husbandry. The articles written by Renowned Scientists and Agricultural professionals brings technical development in sowing harvesting, post harvest through the use of developing technologies for crop sciences and good treasure of practices for animalís horticulture, dairy, poultry, fisheries and pets.

Over two years, the magazine has published a number of issues with expert thoughts and highlighted the Govt. policies and regulation related to the Agrovet industry development. The magazine has good readership at national as well as International level.

Contents Highlights:

Agriculture segment:

Agronomy: it is the science & technology of using plants for food, fuel, feed and fibre.
Horticulture: it is the science of plant cultivation including the process of preparing soil for planting sees, tubers.
Olericulture: it is the science of vegetables.
Floriculture: is the science of cultivation of flowers.
Viticulture: science, production and study of grapes.
Herb plantation: plantation of medicinal plants.
Organic farming: is the form of agriculture that relies on crop rotation, green manure, compost, biological pest control.
Intensive farming: modern day forms of intensive crop based agriculture involve the use of mechanical ploughing, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, etc.
Green House cultivation: where plants are cultivated.

Veterinary Segment:

Pet care
Veterinary Disease updates
Technology updates
Feed & Fodder
Veterinary Management

Special Highlights:
Hindi feature
News in Hindi

Website :-www.agrovetbuzz.net


A Complete Ayurvedic/ Herbal Resource Index

As we all know that Ayurveda or the Science of life is a holistic approach to healthcare that helps people live long, healthy and balanced lives. Ayurveda effectively tackles the cause of illness rather than merely alleviating the symptoms. In older times, medicinal plants were cultivated at home and used for minor ailments like cold, cough, fever, sore throat etc which we call home remedies these days.

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine that uses different parts of herbs, plants and parts of animals to cure diseases and ailments. The word ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words, 'ayus' meaning life and 'veda' meaning knowledge. Ayurveda is a complete and highly integrated science of life. It is a holistic and complex spiritual and philosophical system which has been developed over thousands of years and is a subtle body of knowledge. This medical system is based on the system of prevention which means that people are often treated before the symptoms of the illness become evident. A wide variety of healing techniques are used within the ambit of this system which include massage, mineral supplements, dietary change and medicated enemas.

Herbal medicines have been used since thousands of years in many parts of the world because they are often the lonely medicines available in less developed areas and also because they are becoming a popular alternative medicine in more developed areas.

ADI is a complete compilation of the Eternal Vedic Science of life and its components. We in Ayurvedic Drug Index have strived to bring all the relevant and vital information about Ayurveda and its aspects. Ayurvedic Drug Index is the first ever Herbal Drug information source. ADI is a unique and complete source of information for Herbal and Ayurvedic industry. It covers major Herbal formulations of most of the ayurvedic companies. In addition, it covers monographs of medicinal plants, phytochemicals. The phytochemicals are the non-nutritive plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties. It is well known that plant produces these chemicals to protect itself but recent researches demonstrate that they can protect humans against diseases.

Content Highlights

Complete Indexing of Ayurvedic Formulations according to human physiology
Ayurvedic/ Herbal Formulations: details about the formulations produced by Ayurvedic companies covering its composition, packing, price, manufacturing company, dose and indications and usage.
Monographs of Medicinal plants: covering their morphology, habitat, synonyms, chemicals constituents, pharmacological investigations, toxicity, important formulations and dose.
Phytochemicals: covering their IUPAC name mol. Wt, chemical properties, pharmacological investigations and chemical structure.
Brand Indexing: for easy locating the formulation in the magazine.
Classification of Drugs in Ayurveda based on various patterns
Press Releases: brief synopsis of the announcements, performance or other newsworthy item concerned with the Ayurveda industry.

Other Attributes:

Home Remedies
FAQs on Ayurveda
MCQs on Ayurveda
Latest Researches
Latest Policies and Regulations
Ayurvedic Events and Conferences
Latest News on Ayurveda
List of Ayurvedic Colleges in India
List of Approved Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani Drug Testing Laboratories

Our Patrons:

Ayurveda Industry
Ayurveda physicians and professionals
Ayurvedic institutions
Ayurvedic Hospitals

Website :-www.ayurvedicdrugindex.com


In-depth Analysis of the latest in Medical World

Medicine is the holistic approach of healing. It includes health care practices which help in maintaining and restoring good health of human beings by the prevention, treatment and cure of illnesses.

Over the years, there have been tremendous advancements in the medical world. Gone are the days when the medical resources were scarce.

Today, we visualize an altogether different scenario. Medicine has emerged as an incredibly dynamic field, which is enhancing each day in the gushing times. Thus, with a penchant to provide our readers with the latest in the medical zone, we took out a quarterly magazine in the name of Trendz in Medical World.

Our medical magazine, Trendz in Medical World, provides complete updates on the latest issues and innovations in the medical arena. As stated earlier that the times are changing rapidly, the medical zone is also changing constantly. Many of us arenít aware of the changes that have occurred in this field. Henceforth, with a highly efficient and well experienced Editorial and Advisory board, we have compiled this magazine for the Medical Professionals and students, who need timely information about this reputed field.

Our magazine covers informative articles, researches and other edifying material regarding the medical world. Many affluent medical practitioners and other medical professionals send in high-interest articles, which are published in the magazine. These articles are well elaborated and are research based. Our articles are well diversified keeping in mind the vast medical field. Each issue carries a different cover story, with other articles. The content of the magazine gives in depth information regarding every medical arena, be it, medical history, medical tourism, new researches, R & Dís and more.

Content Highlights:-

Special article i.e., a complete overview of the latest in medicine.
Articles on various topics, which include researches and other studies by highly esteemed medical professionals.
Treatment update: latest line of treatment given for a particular disease is covered under this segment.
Medical Emergency: acute illnesses that poses immediate risk to a personís life. These emergencies require immediate attention and assistance from a doctor.
Current news and latest researches of the medical world.
Dietician's column, which presents the pre-requisites of a balanced healthy diet.
Hospital Profile, this covers different elite hospitals of the country. Gives an overview of the services and treatments provided in each.
Medical Labs, this covers elite medical labs of the country.
Medical Product Profile, enumerates the new inventions i.e., new machines used in treatments and various researches related to medicine.
Medical tourism covers fast growing practices of traveling across nations to obtain good health.

Other Attributes:-

Diagnosis of the Quarter
Conference Announcements all over the World.

Our Patrons :

Medical Industry
Medical professionals and doctors
Health care Institutions

Website :-www.trendz.org